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Engaging clients to participate in your service, create awareness of your products or feel motivated to take actions,  is becoming increasingly harder even with the array of digital tools available at your disposal.  Digital communication on its own get lost in the noise, and your engagement strategy becomes one of many to be ignored by costumers, service users, or clients with increasing attention demands.

Black Beard Media have brought together industry specialists to help you bridge the divide of digital technology and costumer engagement, enabling your message to touch the lives of your audience and make you stand out of the crowd.

We are committed to building a meaningful dialogue between your business, organisation, public service, direct to your costumers to achieve realistic and tangible outcomes.  We believe that high quality, consistent and relevant communication is the key to financial growth, community impact and business resilience.




Guy BBM web
Guy Christiansen
Director of Business Development

Guy is a successful, dynamic and enterprising creative director with a wealth of experience managing social engagement and community development programmes for public and voluntary sector organisations. Guy has 16 years experience of project management, strategic business planning, operational and creative delivery, and commissioning, fundraising, company development, and financial governance in managing seven figure annual budgets.

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Marcus Devaney
Director of Digital Solutions

Marcus has crafted his time with Local Government to develop an impressive portfolio of digital engagement with young people in Lancashire, reshaping services to fully embrace emerging technologies towards the needs of its costumers.  Behind the scenes Marcus gets stuck into rich media projects, creating film, key-frame animations, web design, ecommerce or public digital services.

Jay Walton
Director of Creative Engagement

Jay has specialised in developing meaningful and successful relationships with communities through years of arts engagement management and facilitation with a number of VCFS and arts organisations. His drive and determination for achieving quality products makes him familiar with developing artistic and creative solutions to meet the requirements of organisations and communities. Jay is a successful project manager, fundraiser and project developer and is always open for a conversation around new and innovative ideas.

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