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Blackbeard media, experience a successful 2014 as a new company; born from 3 fellows who liked the idea of a challenge, facing tough odds and knew a thing or two about getting people onboard and into digital.

We started our new venture back in April 2014 with a Dukes Theatre commission, to create a Digital Treasure hunt in the Ryeland’s Community Park in Lancaster as part of the “This Side of the River” festival.  The challenge of-course was  the lack of mobile and wifi signal, as the festival was in a large and wide open space.

You might think that setting up a digital treasure hunt would be easy, if you went with the assumption that most people have mobile phones and can use their own data to interact with allocated points around the park.  However, when setting out on our new venture, we decided that Blackbeard Media needed to be ethical, inclusive, and offer accessibility, no matter of age, economics, and geography.  Not everyone has mobile devices, or access to the internet, so we began building the treasure hunt, from the bottom up, and designed inclusivity into every aspect of the community adventure.

This side flyer

Our solution

  1. Accesible QR codes
  2. Provided Ipad’s (small deposit required)
  3. Community interest content on a website
  4. Mobile Wifi Zones

With careful planning and testing, we were good to go.

The families of all ages, really loved the challenge of the treasure hunt, immersing themselves in learning, interesting new facts about the park, its history, and the future, with a little quiz thrown in at the end to make it all a bit more exciting:)

Nearly 1 year later, Blackbeard Media, has a new website, working with Lancashire Museums with NFC (near field communication) tags, and lots of exciting new ventures on the horizon, so lets hope that 2015 can better our first year making Digital Effective and Engaging.

Marcus Devaney

Digital Solutions
Blackbeard Media

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