As digital technology moves forward and as the world of immediate communication enhances, audiences and customers are wanting to communicate and access information faster and so do we.
At Blackbeard Media ltd we know that time is short and patience is becoming shorter, gone are the days of surfing web pages to find what you need, gone are the days of notice boards and leaflets, but here are the days of Immersive Engagement.

Blackbeard Media Ltd will put your organisation at the fingertips of your consumer, supporting you and your organisations to enhance your communication by bridging the gap between the physical and online world via the introduction of NFC tagging, digital beacons and QR Coding; thereby providing multiple communication access points Utilising new technologies to re-ignite the 3D space between you and your clients we allow for a more person specific, targeted communication and dialogue; thereby allowing you to provide a more bespoke and meaningful service for your customers and clients