Your Stories – Collaborative Communications (NWAS Project)


North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust provide a 24/7, 365 day a year service to those in need of emergency medical treatment and transport.
Their highly skilled, passionate and enthusiastic team work tirelessly to provide life-saving care and support to patients. A large number of employees in multiple departments make up NWAS whose successes and challenges often go unseen in the public domain, with the general public often only coming into contact with frontline members of staff. This can create a difficult challenge when exploring innovative ways to raise ongoing awareness of the whole organisation, job roles and it’s employees.

NWAS wanted a new way to communicate their stories both within the public domain and internally with staff members, to offer additional ways to teach, document and train from using the experiences captured on film.

Blackbeard Media were approached by North West Ambulance Service to support the Patient Experience and Communication Teams to equip their staff with the skills to produce high quality educational, documentative and informative short films.



Blackbeard Media worked with NWAS to empower their team with the skills to develop and create meaningful films in two ways; 1. Smartphone filmmaking to capture ‘in the moment’ events such as immediate interviews with service users, documentation of ‘on the road’ situations and in-house training/events. 2. DSLR training courses to empower the team with the knowledge to support structured documentary filmmaking to allow for larger, more complex films to be created.

The NWAS Patient Experience and Corporate Communications teams employ numerous staff, based across three regional centres, therefore communication and collaborate face to face film editing would be difficult. To mitigate against this Blackbeard Media purchased an online film editing platform which could be accessed remotely and via a password controlled domain.  This flexible online collaborative editorial programme ensured our filmmakers were able to do a number things:

1. Upload content directly from smartphones to the online platform, allowing immediate editing capabilities and sharing by the filmmaker(s)

2. Immediately share interviews/content from smartphones directly to online audiences through your social networks

3. Communicate remotely with other departments via in-programme notes, joint editing and storyboarding

4. Access the editing platform from any device at any location which offers wifi or strong data connection so they could edit and upload anywhere at anytime, allowing for a time efficient and flexible approach to completing filmmaking tasks.

 Each of these points allowed our team to quickly capture meaningful visual narratives, edit and upload to social networks and share with online audiences in a matter of moments. Keeping their online content relevant whilst ensuring the whole team had ownership of capturing quality and emotive material.

Due to the editorial online platform, Blackbeard Media were able to access any film or content that had been uploaded and therefore were able to continue to support and guide the team without needing to arrange additional face to face sessions. This meant that in times of difficulty, tight deadlines or moments when a bit of advice was needed BBM could assist almost immediately, ensuring the team always felt supported.

 Over the last 8 months, NWAS have produced 20 films and their skills and passion for filmmaking continue to grow. In April 2017 Blackbeard Media will be delivering two days of Advanced Film Making Training to the NWAS Filmmaking team, enabling them to continue their filmmaking journey of producing documentary and smartphone films to the best of their ability.


For more information on how this package can work for your organisation please contact or call 07821405954.


Your Stories - Collaborative Communication

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